No Matter How Well Trained You Are In 'How To' Coach...
That's The 'Technique of Coaching'

There's No Substitute For Hearing Coaching Unfold In A Live Dynamic With Real Clients

By 'Soaking In' Great Coaching Your Coaching Becomes More Masterful

Now You Can Immerse Yourself In Great Coaching With

The Coaching By Example 9-CD Series
with Mentor Coach Barbra Sundquist

produced in collaboration with Andrea J. Lee
based on the IAC Coaching Masteries™ of the International Association of Coaching

Each of the above CDs covers ONE discrete characteristic of masterful coaching for easy learning and listening...

Dear Coach,

Just as great musicians surround themselves with the sound of great music, so too must any masterful coach surround themselves with the sounds of expert coaching. 

In fact, I'm sure you agree that great coaching, like great music, has a special resonance one can only begin to recognize with practice.  Hearing it, holding the energy of that resonance, and bringing that energy to your coaching sessions is a habit that comes with time.

When Internationally-Respected Mentor Coach Barbra Sundquist Hinted About Retiring...

I Asked Her to Record As Many Coaching Sessions As She'd Be Willing

The truth is, I was willing to be as absolutely convincing as I needed to be to hear her say 'yes.'  Plead, tease, offer my own time and energy, appeal to emotion, intellect, whatever it took to entice Barbra to put herself and her deep well of coaching experience 'on the record' for the rest of us.

What was all this die-hard conviction?  As author of Multiple Streams of Coaching Income and Business Mentor in the coaching community since 2003, let me just say that the thought of Barbra 'retiring' and never being able to hear her coaching again - I couldn't swallow it, so I decided to do something about it.

As a Young Profession, It's Critical For Us To Treasure Our Mentors and Seize Every Opportunity to Learn Fully From Them, Wouldn't You Agree?

The musicality of the coaching essence is undeniable, and evident in every minute of coaching Barbra has personally selected for The Coaching By Example Series.  As veteran coaches scale back their coaching, it's my hope - if I have anything to do with it - each one will invest as much time and care as Barbra has into preserving a slice of their unique coaching sound.

Without this investment of effort, we will lose an enormous cache of wisdom...wisdom that's truly irreplaceable to the coach who seeks to master coaching by listening to great coaching examples.  

Suffice to say, it's been a privilege to play a role in making The 'Coaching By Example' Series of recordings available so no-one need miss out. 

Regardless of your ultimate retirement plans, Barbra, a heartfelt thank you for your extended work to bring your coaching 'in from the wild' into this permanent home.

So what's the result of all this work, you might ask?  In the final count...

Is Mentor Coach Barbra Sundquist Retiring
from Coaching?

Answer: We hope not yet!

The Coaching By Example 9-CD Series consists of *not* 10,
*not* 20, *not even* 30, but...

51 Hand-Selected Tracks Of Coaching & Commentary
on 9 Thoughtfully-Assembled CDs

51 tracks on 9 CDs in an enviro-friendly 9' by 12' package, shown above.  Ideal for keeping safe in the car or shelving with dictionaries and other reference texts.

The Coaching By Example Series has been created with one overriding goal -

To showcase a wide range of coaching clients meeting a full spectrum of life challenges head-on, in a format you can play, enjoy, repeat and emphasize an unlimited number of times. 

In addition to her own coaching samples, Barbra has carefully selected mini-demonstrations of 8 Guest Coaches from within her personal network.  Her commentary for each demo - including her own - allows you to understand how and why the sample was selected. 

In this way, you become infused in the timbre, energy and pacing of a variety of stellar coaching while simultaneously remaining grounded through Barbra's consistent and thorough mentoring.

Whether you've been coaching for many years or just a few months, you may at first be surprised - and then delighted - at how masterful coaching sounds in this many different circumstances

You'll learn from the types of clients you hear as well, much more than you could by trial and error, trying to stay one step ahead of new clients under pressure.  By 'trying on' each Coaching by Example demo client as one of your own, your coaching 'ear' becomes seasoned very quickly.

This is the kind of seasoning that can come only with practice.  The Coaching By Example Series of 9 CDs is your opportunity to practice, practice, practice.

 Between Each Live Coaching Track, Barbra Explains 'Why' So You Aren't Left Guessing

I believe you'll agree it's a real coup for us to have Barbra coaching extensively in real-time on this series of CDs.  The only thing that would have made things better was to have her explain 'why' she coached as she did so we wouldn't be left hanging.  So that's what she did!

As a result, The Coaching By Example Series gives us both raw material for the intuitive right-brain in the form of coaching clips, and follows through with analytical left-brain explanation in the form of commentary and critique. 

Here's just one quick example of the kind of support you'll hear from Barbra every step of the way...

As easy as pressing 'Play.'  Slip a CD into your player and 'voila!' your mentoring begins.

Whether You Want to Become Certified as a Coach Or *Not*
You'll Hear a Rigorous Professional Standard Upheld on each CD

In case you don't already know, Barbra has a long list of pioneering contributions she's made in the coaching world.  But the one you might care about most is her previous role as Certifying Examiner for the International Association of Coaching (IAC.)   

Now, you may be interested in getting certified as a coach, or, you may be completely uninterested.  Either way, you benefit from the part Barbra played in creating the examination standards for this major certifying body.  Why?

The explanations of 'why exactly' she coaches as she does on each CD are rooted in real-life international certification standards.   A great thing for any coach seeking a robust 'coaching immersion' experience, and priceless if your goal is certification. 

In fact...if you're actively considering certification, or feel you may in the near future, you'll be glad to know --  

Each of the 9 CDs Also Covers A Single 'Official' Coaching Mastery

To achieve the IAC-CC designation, you must demonstrate proficiency in a total of 9 masteries...

Effective January 2008, The IAC Coaching Masteries™ are the new competency-based standard of coaching proficiency, set out by the International Association of Coaching.

The live coaching on each Coaching By Example disc goes into detail about one of the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries™ outlined here for your reference: 


1. Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust

2. Perceiving, affirming and expanding the client’s potential

3. Engaged listening

4. Processing in the present

5. Expressing

6. Clarifying

7. Helping the client set and keep clear intentions

8. Inviting possibility

9. Helping the client create and use supportive systems and structures

© International Association of Coaching | For more information about the IAC Coaching Masteries™, visit

With one CD dedicated to each of the Masteries, each CD is a discrete unit, and contains:

  • Live Coaching Demonstrations between Barbra and hand-selected coaching clients.

  • A variety of the most common client issues, tolerations and dreams being addressed.

  • Commentary from Barbra in 'Director's Cut' style that highlights and clarifies each technique and interaction.

  • Each of the IAC Coaching Masteries™ - fully, and in turn, on each CD - explained from the perspective of a former-IAC Certifying Coach.

  • Questions on each CD designed to aid you in applying it to your own coaching.

  • Guidance to support you in integrating the Masteries as part of your pursuit of the Certified Coach designation, should that be your ultimate goal.

By immersing yourself in this series featuring classic examples of coaching in action, you will be better able to:

  • Absorb the timbre, pacing and energy of coaching from 9 coaches in all: Barbra plus 8 Guest Coaches.

  • Understand clearly why the Mentor Coach coached as she did based on her commentary - no more guessing why great coaching is great coaching.

  • Become comfortable emotionally to make the choices you need to make on the spot when you're sitting in the 'Master Coach' seat.

  • Get up to speed quickly with the IAC Coaching Masteries™ whether in your pursuit of Certification with the IAC or simply in your quest to sharpen your skills. 

  • Stop and re-listen to what unfolds in the session so you can really integrate.

  • Consciously adapt 'theoretical' coaching techniques you've never heard used in real life - until the Mentor Coach models it for you.

  • Comprehend how a masterful coach adapts to the needs and character of different clients - one size does NOT fit all in coaching - you'll hear the difference immediately

Working From Her Home Recording Studio, Barbra Has Customized the CD-Series With 200 Hours of Her Personal Care and Attention

200 hours is a lot of time to spend completing just one project, if you think about it for a moment - even in Barbra's dream office overlooking the trees.

In fact, that's five full weeks of full-time hours - 40 hours a week!  Not your 'average' set of CDs, let's say. 

So why would Barbra spend more than 20 hours on each and every CD in this series?

The answer's pretty simple - she wanted it to be the very best finished product if could be, end of story.   What this actually entailed, however, takes a little more telling, but in a nutshell... 

Everything on The Coaching By Example CDs was personally selected by Barbra in her home office, above.

Suffice to say that in addition to conducting the actual coaching sessions, painstakingly selecting the perfect clip down to the second, and drafting and recording the commentary as many times as needed to get it 'just right', Barbra also took on the task of editing the audio herself, and double checking each track so she could be 100% sure of the end result.

Though I don't envy her the standards she set, I can tell you that each time I spoke to Barbra during the creative process, she was positive and upbeat, excited at the prospect of coaches the world over improving the quality of their coaching, and thereby helping make the world a better place. 

In case you'd like to see the detailed contents, here are the final tracks on each CD, broken down by Mastery Number. (To skip this section, click here.)

Coaching By Example Disc 1

Focus: Mastery #1- Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust

  • Track 1: Introduction and Teaching Points for Mastery #1.
  • Track 2: Barbra coaches Nancy on Stress & Role Modeling.
  • Track 3: Barbra coaches Dan on Career Choices.
  • Track 4: Guest Coach Doris Helge coaches Gwyn about Confidence (part 1).
  • Track 5: Barbra provides commentary on Doris and Gwyn.
  • Track 6: Guest Coach Catherine coaches Bonnie on her Thesis.
  • Track 7: Barbra provides commentary on Cathy and Bonnie. Summary Points for Mastery #1.

Coaching By Example Disc 2

Focus: Mastery #2 - Perceiving, affirming and expanding the client’s potential

  • Track 1: Introduction and Teaching Points for Mastery #2.
  • Track 2: Guest Coach Linda coaches Robyn on Confidence.
  • Track 3: Barbra comments on Linda and Robyn.
  • Track 4: Barbra coaches Jim on sharing Responsibility.
  • Track 5: Barbra comments on her coaching with Jim.
  • Track 6: Barbra coaches Susan on Work Stress and Recovery.
  • Track 7: Barbra comments on her coaching with Susan. Summary Points for Mastery #2.

Coaching By Example Disc 3

Focus: Mastery #3 - Engaged listening

  • Track 1: Introduction and Teaching Points for Mastery #3.
  • Track 2: Barbra coaches Judy her Business.
  • Track 3: Barbra comments on her coaching with Judy.
  • Track 4: Guest Coach Jean Gran coaches Kerri on Email Overload.
  • Track 5: Barbra comments on Jean's work with Kerri.
  • Track 6: Barbra coaches Elisabeth on Life Purpose (extended clip.)
  • Track 7: Barbra comments on her coaching with Elisabeth, and summarizes learning points for Mastery #3.

Coaching By Example Disc 4

Focus: Mastery #4 - Processing in the present

  • Track 1: Introduction and Teaching Points for Mastery #4.
  • Track 2: Barbra coaches Jim on Control and Doing Things Right.
  • Track 3: Guest Coach Doris Helge coaches Gwyn on Confidence (part 2 – extended clip). Barbra comments.
  • Track 4: Guest Coach Marlena Field coaches Chris on Body Wisdom and Intuitive Decisions (illustrates a specific somatic technique.)
  • Track 5: Guest Coach Marlena Field coaches Runa on Celebrating an Achievement (illustrates a second somatic technique.)
  • Track 6: Guest Coach Maura Da Cruz coaches a client on Inner Knowing Barbra summarizes Mastery #4.

Coaching By Example Disc 5

Focus: Mastery #5 - Expressing

  • Track 1: Introduction and Teaching Points for Mastery #5.
  • Track 2: Barbra coaches Stephanie on Career Change (extended clip.)
  • Track 3: Barbra provides commentary and breakdown of her  session with Stephanie.
  • Track 4: Guest Coach Sheryl Giffis coaches a client on an upcoming Big Move. Barbra summarizes Teaching Points for Mastery #5.  

Coaching By Example Disc 6

Focus: Mastery #6 - Clarifying

  • Track 1: Introduction and Teaching Points for Mastery #6.
  • Track 2: Barbra coaches Rose on Body Image, Self-Care and Values. Barbra comments on her work with Rose.
  • Track 3: Guest Coach Susan coaches Charlotte on Assertiveness and Boundaries (extended clip with commentary.)
  • Track 4: Barbra coaches Susan on Business Expansion, provides commentary and concludes Mastery #6. 

Coaching By Example Disc 7

Focus: Mastery #7 - Helping the client set and keep clear intentions

  • Track 1: Introduction and Teaching Points for Mastery #7.
  • Track 2: Barbra coaches JoAnne on Changing Habits, then provides commentary for the interaction.
  • Track 3: Guest Coach Cheryl coaches Ann on the significance of reverting to her Maiden Name. Barbra comments.
  • Track 4: Barbra coaches Sharon on Implementing an Exercise Program (extended clip with commentary.) Barbra summarizes Learning Points for Mastery #7.

Coaching By Example Disc 8

Focus: Mastery #8 - Inviting possibility

  • Track 1: Introduction and Teaching Points for Mastery #8.
  • Track 2: Barbra coaches Michael on his Vision for his Business. (extended clip.)
  • Track 3: Barbra provides commentary and analysis on above.
  • Track 4: Barbra coaches Stephanie on Self-Image.
  • Track 5: Barbra analyzes her work with Stephanie and summarizes Learning Points for Mastery #8.

Coaching By Example Disc 9

Focus: Mastery #9 - Helping the client create and use supportive systems and structures

  • Track 1: Introduction and Teaching Points for Mastery #9.
  • Track 2: Barbra coaches Stephanie, illustrating Intrinsic Support Structures. Commentary follows.
  • Track 3: Barbra coaches Sharon, illustrating Extrinsic Support Structures. Commentary follows.
  • Track 4: Barbra coaches Jim on a Difficult Conversation with his supervisor, illustrating preparation and role play as support structures.  Commentary follows.
  • Track 5: Barbra coaches Susan on practical support for her Expanding Business. Commentary follows.
  • Track 6: Barbra summarizes Learning Points for Mastery #9 and brings the 9-CD Series to a close.

Each of the 51 tracks detailed above is captured on the CDs shown, for a total of almost 600 minutes. 

If you're eager to order your copy of The Coaching By Example Series, our production company would be happy to ship right away.  Click here to begin the ordering process.

Pilots Practice in Simulator Planes

You Can Practice in the Coaching By Example Coaching Simulator Plane

With your purchase of The Coaching By Example 9-CD Series, you'll also receive a set of 3 suggestions immediately via email - 3 methods of using the CDs that will enable you to get the most benefit.  One of these is what we call 'The Coaching Simulation.'

Using 'The Coaching Simulation' approach, you will listen carefully to the start of the coaching clip as if you were on the telephone with the client yourself.  Use a headset to listen to the CD to enhance the feeling of being live with the client.  Then before Barbra speaks, pause the recording, and play the role of the coach yourself.

After you play Barbra's next words, pause the recording again and make notes on what you felt. By observing your feelings and responses in this way, then evolving your coaching accordingly, you will see an enormous leap in your coaching fluency, adaptability and confidence. 

In addition to the 'The Coaching Simulation' technique, you'll receive 2 other practice suggestions to adapt. 

The Experience of Thousands of Hours with Clients Over Six Years
...Is Now Yours to Soak Up

Since launching, The Learn Coaching by Example 9-CD set and the Sound of Coaching compilation have been shipped to happy clients in the following countries:

Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Mauritius, Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Virgin Island

Perhaps one of the most compelling things about Barbra's coaching is how simple and comfortable it is.  After so many client hours, there's an undeniable feeling of ease to every one of her coaching interactions, a feeling her many mentees have aspired to.

And that above all is probably what Barbra is most well known for...her ability to transfer this sense of ease to others, even when working on big goals and projects.   Here's a small sampling of what other people think of Barbra's work:

“Barbra, I’ve finally received word that I’ve passed!

My scores were extremely high (99% and 97%) on the submitted tapes, and I want to thank you for your huge contribution to my success.

I believe that you expedited my certification by a minimum of six months, not to mention catapulting my coaching skills to the next level!”

-- Kerri Laryea, Certified Coach IAC-CC and Founder of

"Barbra was a great help in writing the IAC exam certification questions, strengthening the design and quality of the questions.

She is a tremendous asset to the coaching community.  If you can afford her, hire her as a mentor coach."

-- Michael O. "Coop" Cooper,  Chair, Board of Governors - International Association of Coaches

"Barbra Sundquist is as elegant a coach as one gets.  She has a way of working with new coaches that creates a soothing, safe environment. 

I've observed Barbra take on challenging client situations, working with the client to create a new more empowering orientation.  She is a gifted communicator, light in her approach and a gem of a mentor."

-- Anna Dargitz, Ph.D. Psychology, Former Dean of Students, CoachVille Schools of Coaching


I wanted to give Barbara feedback on the (Sound of) Coaching CDs.  I think they're excellent - clear, concise and helpful. 

I particularly like the fact that Barbara provides insight into why she says and asks what she does following each coaching session."

Gail Solish, Executive and Life Coach


"The CDs were great! Barbara Sundquist's CDs helped me to gain greater insight and a more holistic and deeper understanding of the IAC's 9 masteries! I am able to instantly see improvement in my coaching techniques. What's more important is that I was able to see positive results in apply her techniques in my coaching sessions"

Justin Tay, Manager, Training and Education Dept., Prudential Assurance Company Singapore.

Exceptionally Affordable Coaching Wisdom 'On Tap'

In A Condensed, Logical, In-Depth Format ONLY Available Here

As a dedicated Coach, you've likely already invested in thousands of dollars in coach training.

On top of that, you probably invest another couple hundred every month for your own personal coaching time - time you spend on the phone with your coach.  

So here's the thing with regards to how much the 9-CD Series costs:

It costs considerably less than MANY coach mentoring programs, and in some cases, less than just ONE HOUR of coaching...

Remember the Series contains nearly 10 full hours of real-live demo and commentary that you can listen to as many times as serves you.   Here are the details:

The "Coaching Mastery" Package includes:

  • The 'Coaching By Example' 9-CD Series - 575 minutes total running time (retail value $347) plus

  • The '3 Suggested Practice Techniques' for use with the CDs via email plus 

  • The 'Sound of Coaching' 2 CD set - 2 hours of general coaching interaction and the Coaching Model Comparison Chart  (retail value $35) plus

  • The 'Coaching By Example' Small Group Authorization - with each individual "Coaching Mastery" Package, you receive permission to use the CD Series with up to TWO other coaches (retail value $694.) 

  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.




The "Coaching Mastery" Package is NOW available in digital format that you can access right away for the price of only US $197.

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"Coaching Mastery" Package in a single payment of $197.

Delivery Option


Are You Ready to Immerse Yourself In Great Coaching So Your Coaching Becomes More Masterful?

With no small thanks to our Mentor Coach's efforts to bring The Coaching By Examples Series to life, it's no longer a struggle to surround ourselves with the consistent sound of first-rate coaching. 

Excellent coaching isn't something we have to 'just imagine' for ourselves anymore.

No more guessing if our coaching comes up to snuff.  No more doubt about what real clients deal with.  Not even any more mystery about 'what every other coach sounds like' or any of those odious comparisons!

Furthermore, no more excuses about not getting enough practice in live coaching situations.  Or forcing friends and loved ones to endure amateurish attempts at applying coaching skills. 

You can get the antidote to all of the above with a simple commitment to practice.  Practice by seeping yourself in the great coaching examples in this collection of CDs.  And with that practice -- slowly, surely and enjoyably, become a masterly coach yourself.

Last But Not Least - Two Simple Assurances

In the online world, there is, as we all know, a fair pile of junk.  There are also a lot of promises made.  And although The Coaching By Example 9-CD Series isn't junk by a long shot, we'd be remiss not to give you just a little assurance. For your peace of mind. 

First, Some 'Sight Unseen' Assurance.

The truth of the matter is, without a medium like the Internet, Barbra and I certainly wouldn't have been able to collaborate and produce this product, much less be communicating with you to express its benefits. 

That said, it can be very disconcerting to purchase something you've never seen.  Not to mention from people you may never have met!

So that's the purpose of some 'Sight Unseen' Assurance.

We've taken special care to ensure the packaging, recording, shipping, and every other aspect of the Coaching by Example Series is absolutely top notch. 

Just as Barbra felt good creating the recordings in her dream office above, it's important that YOU feel 100% good about your purchase. 

If however, upon receiving it, you discover you're not happy for some reason, we ask that you return the product for a full refund - our unconditional promise to you. 

Second, Some 'Feel-Good' Assurance.

In much the same way as you enjoy a CD from your favorite musical artist, we feel that the sound of these coaching clips and commentary should be enjoyable to listen to.  

If the Coaching by Example Series does not make your day more enjoyable - whether that be your commute, your exercise regime, or just your personal study time, once again, let us know within 12 months of your purchase date and we will stand by our commitment - a full refund with no hassles.

Click here to process your order now, and begin your immersion process.

Got questions?  We love to help!  Just send an email to or call 1-888-988-7465 and we'll get back to you very shortly.

Barbra and I look forward to hearing about all the great new coaching interactions you generate, very soon.

Andrea Lee

In the meantime, here's to you and your most masterful coaching!

Andrea J. Lee, Head Coach 'Creating What Matters' | 1-888-988-7465 PST

P.S. When you purchase just one copy of The Coaching By Example 9-CD Series, you receive our unique Small-Group Authorization that does not expire.  This means you have full permission to benefit from the CDs with up to TWO other coaches for as long as you like - no extra charge.  Perfect for Coaching Dyads, Triads, and small study groups.   

P.P.S. In case you wondered, the Coaching By Example packages are shipping now.  Whether you're in Australia, Europe, North America or anywhere in between, click here to order now and our warehouse will begin processing your order immediately...

*Important Intellectual Property Notice:

The IAC Coaching Masteries™ upon which The Coaching by Examples Series is based, is the intellectual property of and copyright by the International Association of Coaching.  The material is used here in compliance with the IAC's licensing terms and conditions. 

All non-Coaching-Masteries™-related material is not endorsed by the IAC and is © and

We thank the leaders of IAC for their visionary work creating the IAC Coaching Masteries™.  For more information about the IAC, we encourage you to visit their website at